Professional Flumi Technique, Care & Maintenance


When used properly, your B Love Sacred Sound Professional Flumi will give you many, many years of reliable and enjoyable use. Our Professional Flumies have been road-tested on a daily basis since 2012 without any loss of performance or broken components.

Every Professional Flumi carries a Six-Year Warranty against manufacturing defect; damage caused either accidentally or through improper use is not covered.

How to hold your Professional Flumi:
To obtain the finest, refined sounds we recommend you gently rest the Professional Flumi in the palm of your hand and grip the shaft between your index finger and thumb very close to the ball section.

How to use your Professional Flumi:
It is our belief that the professional gong player be in no rush to produce sounds! Letting the ego go is essential!! We see gong playing as a kind of sound meditation benefiting not only the player but also the listener; by coaxing your gong with thoughtful, gentle and even strokes near to its centre your gong will reveal beautiful, heart-felt sounds.

How to clean your Professional Flumi:
Gently wipe the ball section with a damp micro fibre cloth.
There is a video explaining the cleaning procedure below...

How to store your Professional Flumi:
In order keep your flumies in great shape it is essential to treat them with respect, like your friends and family. Always protect your Professional Fumies from dust or grit particles when playing or when storing them. We suggest cleaning your Professional Flumi before every playing session, We recommend you store them in a padded mallet bag, or in a dedicated rigid storage box.

Here’s my 80” Giant Golden Gong circa 2012 installed in a friend's bungalow whilst I experimented and made flumies!